according to the dictionary, PAMPER means memanjakan or in other words, to treat with excessive indulgence.

- pamper-ed clothes (others may call it pre-loved clothes)
- pre-owned clothes (never worn / worn once for trying purposes only). You can blame the impulse purchase *wink*
- vintage clothes (one of a kind and may have a little defect)
+ NEW clothes are coming!

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We pamper-ed them with extra care. Now it's time for YOU to dress them up, or as we call it PAMPER them up!

10 January 2011

PMU 026 - Floral Fairytale Dress/Skirt

Brand : Somerset Bay
Status : brand new with tags
Colour : cream with light green, brown, pink shade and turquoise florals
Material : 100% chiffon
Size : 5
Measurements : Waist 27inch (unstretched), Length at long side 42inch, Length at short side 30inch
Details : fully elasticated waist. fully lined up to calf length. can wear it as a long skirt or tube dress!
*inner is not included*

Selling price : RM 33
(Original price : RM 159.90)